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CLARITY Professional Organization is a service based company that provides quality, residential and small business organization to those who can use some help in getting things in order. 

Expensive interior design can seem out of reach for most during this economy and can end up being a costly waste if your problem is not knowing where to put your everyday items. In today's busy world of work, play, and family, the home or office often gets neglected.


This is where Clarity comes in.


The home should not be a dumping ground. Your home should be your sanctuary.

The place where you and your family are rejuvenated. The place where you can rest comfortably and think clearly, away from all the chaos of the outside world. 


Living a life that is clutter free not only enhances the aesthetic of a space, but it contributes to the overall well being and quality of life for the inhabitants of the space. 


At Clarity, we are committed to clearing your Space and Mind of the clutter.

This means, we are not a cleaning service, but rather a fusion of design and all things practical.


We want to help you live the best within the space you have. You don't need to spend a fortune to have your home look like it. We will provide you with organizing solutions that are best for your space and lifestyle, giving you the tools needed for improvement, and continued productivity.


When you live in a space that is consumed by clutter, your thoughts and actions become unclear and erratic, which can cause elevated stress levels. If things are in a consistent and functional place, your thoughts and actions will reflect that.


The time is now.


Allow Clarity Professional Organization Service to help you become clear! 


Our services include:


  • Organizing the possessions in your home into simple and logical    classifications so everything has a home.


  • Organizing overflowing closets by designing and installing fixtures to best accommodate your possessions.


  • Organizing your office by creating customized systems that make information easily accessible.


  • Organizing laundry rooms so that the busiest room in the house works to peak effeciency.


  • Staging your home for sale by making it 'model home' ready.


  • Making small businesses astheatically pleasing to help increase

      revenue and attact new clients.


  • Providing space planning and design assistance to create an attractive and beautifully decorated home.


  • Providing turnkey senior move management services for seniors who are downsizing.


  • Unpacking and organizing possessions in your new home quickly and efficiently.


  • Turning unused space into funtional areas to accomodate your lifestyle.



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